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External Universe NFT

3D Generalist

Personal Project


This is another personal project in an attempt to mint it as NFT, I wanted to create something different and creative, so I created all of the scenes from scratch starting from concept, modeling, and animation to the final render. It was a great experience for me to be able to express anything on my thoughts and provide a fantastic visual result.


The journey of the happy box was filled with twists and turns. It set sail across the vast ocean, its mission to bring joy and happiness to those waiting on the distant horizon. But the journey was not without its challenges.

As the happy box sailed on, it encountered rough storms that battered its hull and threatened to capsize it. The winds howled and the waves crashed, but the happy box fought on, determined to reach its destination.

But the storms were not the only danger the happy box faced.

Beneath the waves lurked a host of underwater threats, from giant sharks to treacherous reefs.


The happy box navigated these dangers with skill and bravery, never letting them stand in the way of its quest.

Despite all the obstacles it faced, the happy box persevered and eventually reached the shore, where it was greeted with cheers and embraces from the loved ones it had come to bring joy to.

The journey may have been difficult, but the happy box had succeeded in its mission, spreading happiness to all who encountered it.


The process of creating my 3D animation using Cinema 4D and Redshift was a long and challenging journey, but it was also a deeply rewarding one. From the very beginning, I knew that we wanted to create something special and unique, something that would bring joy and happiness to the world.

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