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Pilih Lokal

3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Compositing


Shopee International Indonesia - 2021

In this project, I'm in charge of creating two scenes: the daily object and the local snack. We had a clear vision about the goals to represent the local product in these videos, and this is quite fascinating to me because I need to create something familiar and visually as close to the real object as possible.


To maintain the visual authenticity of the real local snack, I decided to use a 3d scan to create the 3d models of the food and snack in one of these scenes. A 3d scan works by taking many pictures of the object from different angles and then stitching them together to calculate the model of the object.


Hari Bangga Buatan Indonesia is a day that we celebrate by shopping and using local products; with the campaign #shopeepilihlokal, we reflect Shopee's dedication to supporting local businesses as an e-commerce platform. As a result, all of the 3D models in this video campaign were created with local products in mind.

I'm in charge of two scenes in this video, for which I had to make 3D models of local cuisine and snacks using 3D scans in order to replicate real snacks while maintaining visual authenticity.

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