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Selalu Ada Menemani

3D Animation, Compositing


Shopee International Indonesia - 2021

In this project, I'm in charge of 3D animation and compositing. We mix 3D animation into a 2D environment, which is pretty tricky because there are many details on the character that needs to come alive by using various compositing techniques.

Shopee Birthday 12-12

The Journey of Shopee Box to help People continue and The box Finally meets Novan, The offline Seller who struggles to sell his clothing line.
His dream comes true when the notification order starts ringing continuously on his phone after he joins as a Shopee Seller.

This video is specifically made for the birthday campaign on 12-12 2021, and the story itself represents Shopee as a marketplace that helps people expand their businesses and achieve their dreams.


Shopee Brand Creative

Director: Jovita Damiani

Creative: Afifah Anindya

CGI Lead: Yuwanda Bagus

Animator: Jeremy Glenn, Muhammad Alfan, Vanessa Patriciawi

Illustrator: Ilman Fahmi, Rachel Alicia, Timoteus Hansen

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