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MyFuso Apps 

Freelance - 3D Generalist


Mitsubishi Indonesia - 2023

As a 3D Generalist and 3D Lead on this project, my primary responsibility revolves around managing the 3D production pipeline and providing support to the three talented team members working alongside me. This project has been an incredibly rewarding experience, primarily due to the remarkable synergy within our 3D team. Our shared passion for the craft has made our work not only enjoyable but also highly efficient. Collaborating with like-minded individuals who are equally dedicated to their craft has been a driving force behind our project's success.

Art Director : Ihsan Farhan

Storyboard : Yoga

3D Lead : Alfan

Modelling : Dharma, Alfan

Rigging : Banu, Dharma

Animation : Fihan, Dharma, Alfan

Compositing : Alfan

MyFuso Apps Launch

MyFUSO Apps is a mobile app that helps Fuso customers manage their vehicles, services, and programs. The app allows users to track their service history, view their remaining warranty period, manage their spare parts, request a service appointment, estimate monthly payments for a new truck, learn about the latest Fuso programs, find the nearest dealer, and contact customer service.

MyFuso Launch at GIIAS 2023

Our team had the honor of producing the MyFuso Apps launch videos for Indonesia's biggest Automotive exhibition, GIIAS 2023. Our videos appeared on the large screen during the press conference at the Mitsubishi booth, engaging a large audience. Seeing our work on display and the enthusiastic response was an unforgettable moment, showcasing the power of visual storytelling.

This exposure at GIIAS 2023 had a lasting impact, firmly establishing MyFuso Apps as an innovative product. It highlighted the potential of visual media in shaping perceptions and creating lasting impressions, reaffirming our team's capabilities as creators.


During the production of MyFuso Apps, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a passionate and highly skilled team. Their dedication and love for their work translated into excellent results. Our goal was to create engaging videos that explained MyFuso Apps to the audience, featuring the Fuso Canter Bus, Fuso Canter, and Fuso Fighter. We meticulously remodeled these 3D models, giving them realistic textures, while other elements remained matte and stylistic, ensuring our videos effectively conveyed the product's essence with a touch of fun and character.

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