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Teh Kotak 3D OOH

3D Generalist


Teh Kotak - 2022

This project has been interesting for me because it has required me to create another 3D OOH display in a high-traffic location in Jakarta. The process of creating 3D content can be challenging, but this particular project presented an additional obstacle in the form of a curved screen. We had to work to figure out how to effectively display the content on this screen in a way that would fully realize the 3D effect.

It was a process that involved a lot of trial and error, but we were ultimately able to find a solution that worked.

I found the process of problem-solving and overcoming this challenge to be extremely rewarding, and I am proud of the work that I have been able to do on this project. Overall, it has been a very interesting and fulfilling experience, and I have learned a lot along the way.


3D OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising is a form of advertising that uses three-dimensional elements to grab the attention of consumers in public spaces. It can take many forms, including billboards, street furniture, and interactive displays, and is used to attract attention and engage consumers in a memorable way, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and sales.

Teh Kotak

Teh Kotak is a popular beverage that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. With a range of flavors to choose from, there is something to suit everyone's taste preferences.

We are keen to showcase the different varieties of Teh Kotak products in a variety of settings and environments. To do this, we are planning to use 3D motion graphics placed in high-traffic 3D OOH spots in Jakarta. This will allow us to creatively demonstrate the different Teh Kotak products in a way that is sure to capture the attention of our target audience. We believe that our 3D motion graphics will be an effective way to promote the products and make them stand out in the crowded marketplace.


The Sarinah Building has a curve screen that is designed to showcase 3D OOH content. This presents a unique challenge when it comes to creating and displaying 3D content on this screen. Regular videos will not work on this type of screen because the 3D effect will not be fully realized. In order to achieve the best 3D effect when watching the content on-site, it is necessary to warp the videos into a "digital curve screen" made in 3D.

This process involves creating a second render of the video in order to get the desired wrapped effect. Once the final files are prepared and ready to go on air, they will be displayed on the screen in such a way that the 3D pop-out effect is fully realized and visible to those viewing the content on-site.

It is important to carefully consider the technical requirements of the display screen in order to create content that will effectively showcase the 3D OOH elements and fully engage the audience.

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