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3D Animation, Compositing


Shopee International Indonesia - 2021

This is my first project as an animator at Shopee. The project itself is really fascinating since we had to create two distinct videos, one to be used during Ramadan while every Muslim in Indonesia is fasting, and the other for use after the breakfast period.

We decided to give the character a distinct treatment on stage, and in this project, I am in charge of the 3D animation of the character as well as compositing.

Shopeefood Ramadhan

We created two targeted video content to boost Shopee Food usage during Ramadan. During this month, Muslims take on the challenge of purifying their bodies and minds. They abstain from any food or water during the daylight hours in order to cultivate their spiritual health.

We featured popular Ramadan dishes that are available on Shopee Food and got them to hum the jingle instead of singing, the lighting was also darker because we would like to reveal the entire song and the character dance after the break fast time

Shopeefood Happy Breakfast

This particular video was targeted ad for Indonesians after they break fast. The Ramadan Food characters start singing and we showcase the dishes in a fun way 

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