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3D Modeling, Texture, Render


Kognisi By Kompas Gramedia


Kogi is a wonderful character to work with. He's an alien from outer space that comes to Earth to demonstrate to humanity his universe, therefore we need to create a realistic look in a stylized form.

I'm in responsible for bringing the ideas to life by 3D modeling each object, producing a realistic texture, and rendering.


KogiNFT aims to be an initiative that increases access to educational resources on Web3 #ForTheYouth Through the facilities and learning experiences that the project can provide, both the holders and beneficiaries will be empowered as creators and future builders of Web3. We envision Kogi to be a globalized IP and platform for children and youths, alongside their guardians, to play, learn, and explore Web3 and blockchain technology.

Kogi was born to voice out childhood dreams and curiosity; the times when we are at our most excited to learn everything. Filled with the drive to go on meaningful adventures, Kogi is a buddy for the youths to enter and explore the ever-changing world of Web3.

Digital Collectible's

Kogi is a digital collectible living in the blockchain that consists of 260 traits and it could be generated for thousands of unique pieces, we categorized the traits by the world of the Kogi lives, such as Space, Nature, Metropolitan, and Costume. 

We develop the items and the traits based on Kogi Personality which is cute, fun, curious, and energetic so we create the items to be stylized and carefully crafted to the details so it could match the personality and the realism of each object

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