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Gojek J3K

2D Animation, Compositing


Gojek - 2020

This project has been both interesting and thrilling for me to work on for a number of reasons. One of the main challenges I faced was the need to develop a unique animation style and treatment that would be engaging and effective in conveying the necessary information. This required a lot of creative thinking and experimentation, and it was exciting to see the final result come together. Additionally, the project had a very tight deadline, which added an extra level of excitement and pressure to the work. Despite the challenges, I have enjoyed the experience of working on this project and am proud of the final result.

J3K Protocols

Gojek is a company that is deeply committed to helping others, and this commitment has led them to be highly adaptable in the face of changing circumstances. In recent times, the world has faced a number of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Gojek has responded by providing guidance on how to live safely in the "new normal" condition that we now find ourselves in. This guidance is known as J3K, which stands for Jaga Kesehatan (Keep Health), Jaga Kebersihan (Keep it Clean), and Jaga Keamanan (Keep it Safe). By following these principles, Gojek hopes to help people stay healthy, clean, and safe during these difficult times.

The Process

The goal of this project is to create a comprehensive guide that covers all the necessary steps in a clear and concise manner, similar to the safety instructions found on an airplane. However, rather than being dry and boring, the guide will be made more engaging and entertaining by incorporating lighthearted and punny pieces of art. The motion treatment will be simplified in order to eliminate any unnecessary detail or movement, allowing the audience to focus on the information being presented and the conversation of the characters. By presenting the information in this way, the creators hope to make the guide more enjoyable and easier for the audience to understand and follow.

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