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2D Facial Rig, Compositing


Bukalapak - 2020

This project for Cuatrodia Creative is one of my favorites because it required me to push my skills and problem-solving abilities. I was responsible for developing a 2D facial rig using After Effects and a joystick and slider plugin.

The challenge of this project was to create a three-dimensional appearance using 2D assets. It required a lot of experimentation and creative thinking to achieve the desired result. Overall, it was a rewarding and enjoyable experience that allowed me to learn and grow as a professional.

The Logo

Bukalapak's logo was designed to convey four core values to its audience: excitement, fun, empowerment, and people. The logo was created to reflect Bukalapak's fun and playful personality, and to communicate a sense of excitement and energy to its users. Overall, the logo represents Bukalapak's vision and values, and serves as a symbol of the company's dedication to creating a fun, empowering, and inclusive experience for its users.

The Process

In order to effectively convey Bukalapak's vision through videos, it is important to create dynamic facial expressions and character movements for each character.

My role in this process is to use Adobe After Effects' Joystick and Sliders to create detailed facial rigs, which will allow us to create 3D illusions of the face.

By combining advanced rigging techniques with dynamic movement, we can effectively represent Bukalapak's vision and personality in our videos.

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