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Across The Ocean

3D Animation,
3D Environment & Compositing


Shopee International Indonesia - 2021

For me, this project is quite exciting since it shows off Shopee's commitment to the MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in Indonesia. In this project, I'm in charge of 3D animation and compositing with the support of the amazing team at Brand Creatives Shopee and Studio Mune.


What makes Shopee special is that we give access to our local brands to export their products overseas. Inspired by a true story, we romance the journey of local brands from West Java, Pollenzo shoes, who manage to expand their businesses by joining Shopee's export program. From a small shop in a small city, Pollenzo's products have reached ASEAN and now aiming for South America.


Pollenzo is one of many success stories of local brands who have managed to go global. Shopee is committed to breed more exporters like Pollenzo.


Shopee Brand Creative x Studio Mune

Director: Randy Raharja

Creative: Jovita Damiani, Afifah Anindya

CGI Lead: Yuwanda Bagus

Art Director: Rizki Katamsi, Talitha Andira

Animator: Jeremy Glenn, Muhammad Alfan, Vanessa Patriciawi, Studio Mune

Illustrator: Studio Mune, Rachel Alicia, Timoteus Hansen

Project Manager: Tia Ramadhina

Producer: Nurman Rasyid, Rahadian

Music: GEMA Studio, Iyan

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